Founder & Director


About Us

Mr. Saood Sadiq is The Founder and Director of “Success Motivators”. He is The Chief Strategist and Conceptual Developer of Success Motivators Academy. He is Recognized Socially for His Innovative Style; Inspiration, Persuasion, Coaching, Counseling, Teaching and Training along with Excellent & Effective Leadership and Management Skills. Early in His Career, Mr. Saood Sadiq Gained Great Real World Experience (SelfEducation) from His Work in a Variety of Creative Technical Projects. Mr. Saood Sadiq Holds Many More Authentic, Competent Professional Certifications. Mr. Saood Sadiq also Known for ALLAH-PAAK’s Blessings & Special Gifts (Talents) and Expertise in; Spiritual Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Mind Science, Human’s Behavior and Entrepreneurial Ventures. Saood Sadiq has Inspired, Coached, Trained and Empowered The Businesspersons, Intrapreneurs, Solopreneurs, Freelancers and Employees etc. Through His Business and Life Training (Audio and Video) Programs. He has Created The Personal and Professional Whole Brain (Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Intelligence) Training and Development Programs, and a Large Group of People have Attended His Live Seminars.

Our Unique Value Proposition

We Inspire, Educate and Develop The Ambitious Person’s to Build A Successful Business.
Especially People Who Don’t have Business Experience.